In service-driven businesses such as hospitality, long-term care or food and beverage, every aspect of the customer experience is critical to success. That means that though a bed bug infestation is nearly inevitable for these businesses at some point, they are unacceptable for any length of time for patrons. For this reason, Sentinel Pest Control offers fast emergency service to our commercial clients in the area.

Many pest control firms send technicians out the next day or even later in the week, which can make a minor issue into a major problem over the course of a long weekend or holiday. Infestations have no business hours, and so Sentinel’s emergency service guarantee means service on site within 3 hours. That means guests back in their hotel rooms, patients back in their beds, and diners back at your tables, all before the damage of a closure due to infestation can take hold. Your business can’t afford to wait for service…let the professionals at Sentinel Pest Control keep your facilities open for business.


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