When it comes to bed bugs, early detection is key to minimizing their degree of penetration and ultimately the severity of the infestation. There are 6 key indicators of bed bug presence that proprietors should keep a close watch for, particularly near large metropolitan areas that frequently experience bed bug infestations.

Specimens- The bed bugs themselves are the most visible sign of an infestation, and although the live specimens are more likely to be encountered, even a bed bug corpse is a likely indicator of an active infestation.

Fecal Staining- Bed bugs often leave tracks in the form of small black dots, and these can often be spotted on white linens or on other infestation-friendly surfaces.

Exuvia- Bed bugs regularly shed their shells and outer casings, and these are also a reliable indicator of an infestation.

Eggs- Bed bug eggs can be found partially embedded in linens, and are usually seen in groups of 4 to 12. These tiny eggs are difficult to move to encourage their safe hatching, and can only be safely removed by professionals.

Bites- Bed bugs bite any living thing they find on the surfaces they inhabit, and bites that cannot be traced to other sources such as mosquitoes can indicate the presence of bed bugs.

Bloodstains- Bed bug bites often cause their victims to bleed a small amount, and these stains can easily be seen on linens.

Early detection of a bed bug infestation is an important part of ensuring its effective eradication. However, another crucial aspect of bed bug control is taking action. If you believe your business may be facing an infestation from bed bugs, call Sentinel Pest Control today to take control of the situation.


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