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Emergency Response
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Discreet, Quiet & Courteous
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Client Education
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Bedbugs have made a significant comeback in recent years, lurking in upholstery, books and papers as well as linens, and the start of an infestation can be as simple as a single bug making its way in attached to the clothing of a patron.

This means that bed bugs present a constant hazard to businesses, as the presence of bedbugs can irreparably damage its reputation and even lead to closure in the case of a severe infestation, and that’s why Sentinel Pest Control takes a focus on eliminating the threat of commercial bed bug infestation quickly and effectively.

Because of their resilient nature that allows them to thrive in a range of environments, bed bugs can be problematic for a range of business types from retail and hospitality to transportation and healthcare. Once inside, they can spread rapidly as their population explodes, which means immediate action is the key to minimizing the damage they can cause. Sentinel Pest Control’s 24 hour emergency service ensures that an infestation is eradicated as soon as possible in a scenario where every second counts.

In the modern age of customer service, even a single instance of bed bugs could be a public relations disaster. The team of facility maintenance experts at Sentinel Pest Control is standing by to solve your bed bug issues once and for all. Call us today for a free consultation.

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